Bottle Gourd Stir Fry With Glass Noodles (大姨妈嫁女 , 蒲瓜炒冬粉)


This is a common household dish and I doubt if any readers have never eaten this dish before… It is a cuisine of Cantonese by origin but apparently it is well liked by all dialects. i am issuing this

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Soya Sauce Braised Long Bean (酱油闷长豆)


I am rather embarrassed wanting to issue this recipe and it is not my intention to share with readers this simple household recipe. I believed I am the only blogger to blog this dish. Lol. However, I have decided

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Common Chinese Dishes For New House Chefs 19
Common Chinese Dishes For New House Chefs



This is a compilation of common Chinese household vegetable dishes targeted as new house chefs. Including in one post is the technique of vegetable blanching and the common sides ingredients to go with the vegetable dishes.  The list

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    The following are temporary indices for all recipes issued by Guaishushu in both and Guaishushu’s Facebook Page. The index shall be for temporary references only.




Aloe Vera

Some Aloe Vera Sweet Fruit Dessert

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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 11-8-2013 18
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 11-8-2013

On 7 August 2013, white rice served with :

1.      Braised Bitter Gourd With Chinese Mustard                                                 苦瓜焖苦瓜

2.     Salted Turnip Omelette                                                                                    菜脯蛋饼

3.     Vegetarian Winter Melon Soup                                                                       素冬瓜汤 read more

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Vege Vege Vegetable Fritters–Indonesian’s Bakwan Sayuran

Update on 13-9-2016

Upload of new pictures. I have been preparing this these few years as I really like the fritters which is crispy. The thinner your fritters, the crispier it will be.


Vegetable fritter is  rather international. Almost

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Salted Vegetable Duck Soup (咸菜鸭)– A Quick and Easy Way to Prepare This Traditional Soup Dish


This is a soup dish that I have always craved for it。 It is rather extraordinary as not many Fujian Chinese soup dish are as sour as this dish。 However, it is a well liked dish that most Chinese

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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 6-8-2013 10
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 6-8-2013

It is another day and time to submit my report.  On 6th August 2013, white rice served with:

1 Steamed Tofu With Eggs 豆腐蒸蛋
2 Blanched Chinese Lettuce With Fermented Bean Curd Sauce 白腐乳生菜胆
3 Sweet corn pork rib
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Special - What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 22-7-2013–Korma Chicken (科尔马鸡肉) 25
Special – What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 22-7-2013–Korma Chicken (科尔马鸡肉)


UPDATED POST ON 16-2-2015 – Update with another set of images since i cooked the dish today.

On 22 July, 2013, white rice served with:

  1. Korma Vegetable and Chicken       (蔬菜及鸡肉科尔马)
  2. Blanched Ladies Finger                 (青烫羊角豆)
  3. Chinese Cabbage (Napa) Soup       ( 大白菜汤)
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Sayur Paku
Sayur Paku

I just discovered there are people selling “Sayur Paku” in Singapore (Tuesday and Friday in Geylang Serai Wet Market).

I miss these wild ferns that are abundant when I was in East Malaysia donkey years ago. We will go to

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