Homemade Firm Tofu aka Taukwa (自制点豆腐)


When I was researching for egg tofu recipe, I stumbled across this firm tofu aka taukwa recipe. However, it took me such a long time to try out the recipe because I cannot get hold of the relevant apparatus

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Homemade Egg Tofu (家居自制蛋豆腐)


That day when I issued this recipe: Hot Plate Egg Tofu (铁板豆腐). I stumbled across a few homemade egg tofu recipes and that making me wanted to try. If you want a recipe, you can click on the

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Hot Plate Egg Tofu (铁板豆腐)


This is one of the very common dishes that is always served in the restaurants or Tzi Char stores in Singapore and Malaysian. My kids loved them very much and always asked me to cook this dish.

The preparation

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Sichuan Recipe: Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)


This classic Sichuan restaurant dish looks easy to prepare, yet I have watched more than 5 videos to give me some confidence to cook the dish. Of course the foremost worry is no more than breaking the tofu. I

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Soy, Soy, Soy, Join Me to Cook Soy Related Products 89
Soy, Soy, Soy, Join Me to Cook Soy Related Products


I doubt if any Chinese , Japanese and Koreans do not know any thing about soya beans. Some soya bean products such as bean curds are so common that the Chinese name (“Tofu” or “ 豆腐“) have been accepted

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Fish Paste + Bean Curd = Presentable Seafood Tofu Dishes! 25
Fish Paste + Bean Curd = Presentable Seafood Tofu Dishes!


This is a simple dish without much history or anything to introduce. It is quite a common dish in Malaysia restaurants. It is just combining a few ingredients and make it a presentable dish to serve your house guest.

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Devilled Egg- Simplicity Rules… 23
Devilled Egg- Simplicity Rules…


I loved eggs. Be it poached, fried, boiled, braised I liked it. My kids loved eggs, be it poached, fried or boiled, they loved it any forms. My whole family loved eggs, we fight for eggs, fried rice will

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Aloe Vera

Some Aloe Vera Sweet Fruit Dessert

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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 6-8-2013 10
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 6-8-2013

It is another day and time to submit my report.  On 6th August 2013, white rice served with:

1 Steamed Tofu With Eggs 豆腐蒸蛋
2 Blanched Chinese Lettuce With Fermented Bean Curd Sauce 白腐乳生菜胆
3 Sweet corn pork rib
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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 25-7-2013 10
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 25-7-2013

On 25-7-2013, white rice served with:

Miso Pork Belly 味增五花
Tofu, Meatballs and Glass Noodles Soup 豆腐鱼丸冬粉汤
Ginger and Chinese Fermented Bean Braised Fish 姜丝豆酱焖鱼
Blanched Choy Shym with Prawns 虾球菜心

Oh! It is time for me to

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