Sarawak Crispy Tomato Ketchup Noodles (砂朥越茄汁炒面)


Sarawak though is part of Malaysia, being in the Island of Borneo, we do have a lot of unique noodle dishes that you cannot find in West Malaysia or Singapore or even Sabah. On top of the list in

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Special Compilation of Sarawak Unique and Popular Cuisines


Since I started my blog about 3 years ago, I have blogged quite a number of Sarawak cuisines and I will add as and when I have blogged about new Sarawak cuisines. Some of these cuisines are uniquely Sarawak

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Sarawak Kek Lumut Or Green Moss Steamed Cake (砂朥越青苔蒸糕)


IF you have ever visit Sarawakian families during big festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Gawai or Christmas, in the event you spotted a green colour cake, it is very likely that this is Kek Lumut. You

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Hi, Let Start Cooking the Laksa …. An In Depth Analysis and Pictorial Procedural Description Of The Famous Sarawak Laksa (Part III)




Part I and Part II are rather “theoretical” and this post will show you the practical steps to prepare the Sarawak laksa.

To make

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Malaysian Singaporean Chinese Food–Popiah Sarawak Style (干式薄饼) 11
Malaysian Singaporean Chinese Food–Popiah Sarawak Style (干式薄饼)


As this is an very old post, I have decided to prepare some Sarawak Style dry popiah and do some picture shooting. Being one of the very first post of this blog, the pictures were not

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Where is my cake? I Can’t See!–Famous Sarawak Midnight Cake (Cake Seri kaya Sarawak, Kek Belachan, Kek Hati Parit) revisited.. (砂朥越深夜蛋糕)



I have decided to prepare this cake this afternoon as I craved for this cake… I don’t usually prepare this cake because it is addictive, rather costly and time consuming. Even in Sarawak, this cake

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A Short Trip to Annah Rais Long House, Kuching, Sarawak East Malaysia

I don’t plan to issue this post but because friends are asking for my experience to a long house, Annah Rais long house located at Padawan District, Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia, I have decided to share these rather poorly taken

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Homesick Buns? Yes, I am homesick of Sarawak Style Butter Buns..

UPDATED POST ON 11-10-2014

Craving for the buns that I can get hold in Singapore, and I have decided to prepare these buns to surprise my wife. We usually bought back from Sarawak if we visited our home town. There

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A Noodle Dish That Chinese Sarawakian Would Not Be Able To Let Go… Sarawak Kolo Mee

Updated post on 21-11-2016

I have found this noodle in Singapore and it is the right noodles. i bought it at Eunos wet market vegetarian stores at a very reasonable price. My guess is if you can get it this

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Nostalgic Soup Than Can’t Erase From My Mind–Chinese Style Potatoes Soup 37
Nostalgic Soup Than Can’t Erase From My Mind–Chinese Style Potatoes Soup

Updated Post on 9-10-2014

I have prepared the soup again today and have some new picture taking. However, today when I prepared the soup, as I am running out of time, I have decided to by pass the sautéing of

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