I Like My Cookies To Look Like Flowers During Chinese New Year–Plum Blossom Cookies (梅花饼) 94
I Like My Cookies To Look Like Flowers During Chinese New Year–Plum Blossom Cookies (梅花饼)

梅花开五福 – A Plum Blossom Will Bless One With Five Fortunes

‘长寿’是命不夭折而且福寿绵长 – “Longevity” means not to die at the young age and have a long life
‘富贵’是钱财富足而且地位尊贵。- “Rich” means have abundance of wealth and respectable position
‘康宁’是身体健康而且心灵安宁。- “Healthiness” means

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Cream Cheese Chocolate Lapis Cake (巧克力奶酪千层蛋糕)

INTRODUCTION During Chinese New Year, lapis has recently become one of the essential cakes in Singapore and Malaysia. If you are looking for a healthier version, you can consider the following lapis because the butter and eggs are much less

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Macadamia Russian Tea Cakes (夏果俄罗斯茶饼)

Today is Winter solstice or Dong Zhi and Chinese throughout the world is celebrating this important festival by having a bowl of glutinous rice ball soup called Tangyuan, It is usually 3 days before Christmas and after today, Chinese can

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Melting Moments aka Basic Butter Cookies 传统奶油饼干

UPDATED POST ON 26-11-2014

Uploaded a new recipe -recipe 2 with only 4 ingredients of which potatoes starch can be substituted with plain flour. Easy to pipe too.

Using Recipe 2

UPDATED POST ON 29-12-2013

I have not promote this

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Lapis Horlicks aka Horlicks Layered Cake(好立克千层蛋糕)
UPDATED POST ON 13-1-2018 I have decided to bake another lapis horlicks using back recipe 1 and I think i have improved tremendously after making many lapis. There is no fault in recipe 1 except the handling are not experienced
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A Cuisine With A Long Chinese History– Dongpo Meat (东波肉)


I love the dish but I am eating the dish in guilt. I have prepared this purely out of my passion for cooking and a challenge to myself for the ability of preparing some authentic traditional Chinese dishes. I

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Salted Vegetable Duck Soup (咸菜鸭)– A Quick and Easy Way to Prepare This Traditional Soup Dish


This is a soup dish that I have always craved for it。 It is rather extraordinary as not many Fujian Chinese soup dish are as sour as this dish。 However, it is a well liked dish that most Chinese

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