Let’s Try A Japanese Honey Sponge Cake–Castella or Kasutera (カステラ, 长崎蛋糕) 44
Let’s Try A Japanese Honey Sponge Cake–Castella or Kasutera (カステラ, 长崎蛋糕)


Very frankly, I have never tasted a piece of Castella cake or Japanese Kasutera honey sponge cake before. However, the pictures in the internet always captured my attention.. It looks like a moist, dense but tasty cake..

I goggled

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Luxurious Chocolate Cake (2) - 古早味豪华巧克力蛋糕 32
Luxurious Chocolate Cake (2) – 古早味豪华巧克力蛋糕


I have a luxurious chocolate cake recipe and that one is really luxurious.. about 500 grams of chocolate all in all.. It is in this post: Luxurious Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce–One Baking Ratio Number Adventure (12)

This is

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Old Fashion Ginger Cookies (古早味姜香饼干)

Upload of recipe 2 which resembles traditional ginger cookies well like Malaysian and Singaporean older generations. I have also topped with ginger serunding or shredded ginger for the purpose of Chinese New Year cookies.

I remembered when my wife was

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Cheese Scones (芝士司康饼) 31
Cheese Scones (芝士司康饼)


This scone is cheesy and savoury … It can be eaten plain as a snack or can be eaten with a thick slab of butter on it..

I love this scone for its cheesy flavour, slightly salty because of

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Almond Biscuits - 杏仁饼干 35
Almond Cookies – 杏仁曲奇

Update on 28-12-2016

Update of new picture for new shapes.

Note that this almond cookies is crispier than this recipe (Chinese Almond Biscuits or White Almond Cookies (杏仁酥饼/白色杏仁饼) . The white almond biscuit is sandy and melt in the

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Uppåkra (Swedish Butter Potato Starch Cookies) (瑞典马铃薯粉牛油饼干) 28
Uppåkra (Swedish Butter Potato Starch Cookies) (瑞典马铃薯粉牛油饼干)


I do not have a recipe of the popular trendy so called “German” cookies because I can’t find reasonable linkage of such cookie with real authentic German cookies be in terms of look or in terms of ingredients.. I

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Christmas Candy Cane Peppermint Shortbread (圣诞薄荷牛油饼干) 33
Christmas Candy Cane Peppermint Shortbread (圣诞薄荷牛油饼干)


My Christmas recipe this year is coming to an end. I still have a Panettone recipe yet to issue and thereafter I will do a compilation to facilitate readers to locate the recipes.

Cookies is common during Christmas for

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Preparing Your Own Log Cake? Chocolate Yule Log Cake With Coffee Cream (Bûche de Noël, 巧克力树桐蛋糕) 42
Preparing Your Own Log Cake? Chocolate Yule Log Cake With Coffee Cream (Bûche de Noël, 巧克力树桐蛋糕)


I never believed that I am able to prepare a log cake…It looks difficult and I took out my courage to prepare one today. Readers, rest be assured, if I can, you can..and let me share with you some

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Yorkshire Puddings (约克郡布丁) 31
Yorkshire Puddings (约克郡布丁)


I know it is still early but keep this post and you will be able to prepare Yorkshire puddings for your Christmas feasts.

What is Yorkshire pudding? Yorkshire pudding in essence is a pancake that was baked at high

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Quick And Easy Christmas Puddings With Brandy Sauce (圣诞布丁)

Updated post on 18-11-2016

Last two years, I have used microwave method to prepare the pudding. Today, I have decided to prepare one using the steaming method. It took me one hour to steam the pudding but the outcome are

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