Nestum Cereal Cookies (麦片饼干)

UPDATED POST ON 7 January 2015

I found that it is much crispier without the cups. It will spread outwards a bit but very crispy and nice to eat.

I have also made some minor amendments to the recipe

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Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (蛋黄酥饼) 16
Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (蛋黄酥饼)

Updated post on 7-10-2016

Subsequent to the issuance of my homemade salted egg yolk powder as in this post: Homemade Salted Egg Yolk Powder (家居自制金莎粉, 咸蛋黄粉) , I have decided to update the recipe using these homemade salted egg yolk

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Cream Cheese Bak Kwa Savoury Cookies (肉干咸香饼干) 31
Cream Cheese Bak Kwa Savoury Cookies (肉干咸香饼干)

Updated Post on 30-12-2016

I have updated recipe 2 to have one without cream cheese such that it is crispier.  The one with cream cheese is sandier. Method of preparation is the same.


Bak Kwa or pork jerky is

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Green Peas Cookies (青豆饼) 33
Green Peas Cookies (青豆饼)



I am sorry that the post have delayed for quite a while as I was busy preparing some other cookies.. Chinese New Year is a period where cookies were served to guests and I found that there are

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Authentic Lapis Legit (Spekkoek 印尼千层蛋糕)

Updated post on 15-1-2018 

Upload of new pictures and simple video 

original posts


I am very disappointed with my authentic version of the Lapis legit because the color tone for each layer are not even.. Sorry for being not

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Snow White Mini Popiah Rolls 25
Snow White Mini Popiah Rolls


I have seen these cookies year’s ago but I do not know the name of the cookie. In fact, I have a hard time to get the right name for this cookie and until now, I am still puzzling.

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Cherry Blossom Stained Glass Cookies (樱花玻璃曲奇) 45
Cherry Blossom Stained Glass Cookies (樱花玻璃曲奇)


Stained glass cookie is a rather trendy bake in Asia in recent years ..The cookie is also named as “Cathedral or church window “ cookies. It  is a cookie that have a candy in the centre resembling the tinted

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Chocolate Coated Almond Shortbread Cookies aka London Almond Cookies (伦敦杏仁饼) 35
Chocolate Coated Almond Shortbread Cookies aka London Almond Cookies (伦敦杏仁饼)


Last year when I issued my Chinese New Year recipes, readers are asking me for London Almond Cookies recipe. This year, I will share with all this recipe of mine ..

As I really can’t trace the how the

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No Bake Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies (免烤酥脆玉米片曲奇) 8
No Bake Cornflake Cookies Cup (免烤酥脆玉米片曲奇)

Updated post on 9/1/2017

Uploaded a new recipe using honey version as in red .


All these while, i am blogging traditional cookies and never really blog a trendy cookie.. In order to diversify my cookies recipe, I have

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Golf Ball Pineapple Tarts aka Pineapple Jam balls or Nastar (凤梨酥球)- Part 2

Updated post on 7-2-2017

You can use the same recipe for salted egg yolk pineapple balls . Just add the homemade salted egg yolk powder to the dough.. I am using fresh salted eggs (baked at 150 degree and mashed)

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