What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013 10
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013 

On 12 July 2013, white rice served with:

1 Ginger Chicken 姜丝鸡
2 Local Mustard Fried With Anchovies 小鱼炒芥菜
3 Bean Curd Stick Pork Rib Soup 豆支排骨汤
4 Bean Curd Omelette 豆干蛋饼

For dish 1 and dish 4, please click the links above to look at the pictorial illustrations in Guaishushu’s page.


What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013

Today, I am cooking the local mustard for the first time and see if whether it is acceptable by my kids or not. Local mustard is a bit bitter and when I was young, I have never like the dish.  I have fried it with anchovies and while I cannot say that they like it, they never want to take another more after finishing the two spoons that I have given to them. For me, that is good enough since they are trying out new food items. My cooking objective is to let them try as many varieties as possible.

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013

My boy love bean curd sticks. I was shocked to know that he had taken bean curd stick soup for 2 consecutive lunches in school canteen. I promised him that I will cook this soup these few days and advised him to rotate the food that he had in school canteen daily. That is the reason why i cooked this soup today.

Today I have made a fruit dessert. I was communicating with an Indonesia blogger based in Italy and she had this “fruit soup”to break her fast yesterday (Note: She is a Muslim and she need to fast for month according the Islamic principles during the month of Ramadan)! Out of my curiosity, I asked her for the recipe and within 15 minutes, she published the recipe in her blog!

I told her since she acted so quickly, I will also make the dessert and upload a photo to her within half an hour!  This is what I have made.

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013

This some cut fruits of your choice served with fresh milk and to sweeten it, with condensed milk and some honey. It is usually served cold and I should say, it is extremely delicious and another way of serving dessert. You may want to learn more about this recipe from Ms. Elly Yusna Ibrahim’s blog here.

Lastly, hope you like it and have a nice day.

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 12-7-2013

  1. this is serious. the desert is nice. looks very sweet. would love to try it on.

    • This is a rather nice dessert actually. Very easy to make. You will definitely like it. It is just cold fresh milk with fruits. You can put any fruits you want. To sweeten it, you can add honey or condensed milk. Try and you definitely like it.

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