What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 24-5-2013 3
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 24-5-2013

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 24-5-2013

On 24-May-2013

Fried Yellow Noodles with Bean Sprouts (豆芽炒面)

This is a rather unusual type of fried noodles that is extremely economical and nice. It is yellow noodles fried with garlics, bean sprouts and sweet, thick black soya sauce. It is neither the Penang Char Kway Tiao nor Kuala Lumpur Fried Hokkien Noodles. Its characteristics are simple, sweet and slightly wet. We used to have this type of noodle in Kuching when I was young and it was the cheapest noodles then when compared to Kolo Mee and Tomato Sauce Kway Tiao. However, it is hard to find in Kuching nowadays. Even if you can, unless you specially requested you just want bean sprouts and mee only, they will add in cockles (like Penang Char Kway Tiao) and eggs for you.

Today is holiday and I am rather lazy to dine out or cooking, so I just cook this traditional fried noodles. The kids like it because they have their favorite fried eggs and the noodles were sweet and soft. (Note: The ratio of bean sprouts and yellow me should be at least 1:1).

Cheers and have a nice holidays..

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