Christmas Muffins or Light Fruit Cake (圣诞马芬)


I have updated another new recipes on using muffin approach to prepare a quick bake for Christmas. Please scroll down for recipe 2 in red.  This muffin is especially relevant for those who do not like

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Fruity Madeira Cake aka Fruit Pastry Cake (鲜果马德拉奶油蛋糕)


This is not my creation and I think it was popular since early 2010s..It was blogged by most local English blogs’ bloggers and I should be one of the very last bloggers to blog this beautiful cake.. I first

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Eggless, Fatless 3 Ingredients Simple Fruit Cake (3 种食材简易杂果蛋糕)

Updated post on 22-8-2016

I have decided to prepare another half recipe and upload new pictures. 


I already have many fruit cakes recipe and it is the curiosity that prompted me to prepare this fruit cake. Before I went

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Eggless, Fatless 3 Ingredients Simple Fruit Cake (3 种食材简易杂果蛋糕)- RECIPE

Processed with MOLDIV

For background information of the Recipe, please refer



Servings: Prepare an 22 cm round cake

Recipes adapted from: 3 Ingredient Fruit Cake The Best Recipe Ever | The WHOot

  • 1 kg of
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Mixed Fruit Log Cake (杂果树桐蛋糕) 32
Mixed Fruit Log Cake (杂果树桐蛋糕)


Christmas is one week away and I still have some soaked mixed fruit in the fridge. By hook and by crook, i wanted to get rid these soaked fruits.

Facebook in the last few weeks has been flooded with

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Boiled Fruits And Nuts Cake (圣诞杂果蛋糕)

Updated post on 5-12-2016

Upload of new pictures and include a method of steaming fruit cakes such that the cake has no crust and moister as compared to the baked version 


This is the traditional fruit cake baked in

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