What I Cooked Today Series (家常便饭系列) – 5 May 2013 2
What I Cooked Today Series (家常便饭系列) – 5 May 2013

What I Cooked Today Series (家常便饭系列) – 5 May 2013

5-May 2013 Menu:

Sarawak Style Popiah (薄饼)

I have decided to make Popiah (non fried or raw version of spring roll) for dinner. It is not a popiah party which is quite popular in Singapore and Malaysia where the spring roll’s filling  and rice flour crepes (skin) were laid out in the plates and the guest help themselves by rolling the ingredients using the crepes provided. I prepared it because of two reasons. I have a stack of Popiah skins sitting idle in the fridge (nicely wrapped in plastic) and I have to get rid of it. Secondly, I have casually promised one of my kid’s schoolmates parent that I will let them tried our Sarawakian Popiah when I prepared this. This in fact is a favour in return for her kindness of giving us some Penang Nonya Acha a few weeks ago.

On the average, my kids have eaten 4 “kid” size of popiahs per person and I should say it is very full after I consumed 3 “adult” size of popiahs. We managed to roll another 15 popiahs for my neighbor and my kid’s schoolmate parent and still have some fillings left.

A post of popiah will be posted soon and I will briefly list out the steps and explain why it is different from the West Malaysian and Singaporean style popiahs.

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