What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 21-5-2013 1
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 21-5-2013

On 21 May 2013

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 21-5-2013

1. Fried Golden Banded Scad (Ikan Selat Kuning) 生煎竹荚鱼
2. Blanched White Stem Pak Choy with anchovies 小银鱼白菜
3. Pepper pork 胡椒猪柳
4. Chinese Water Spinach Soup 蕹菜汤


If you looked at my post yesterday, you will noted that I have blanched my Kailan and served with oyster sauce. The response was very encouraging and my kids are fighting for it. Today, I have decided to use the same method to blanch the white stem Pak Choy and sprinkled with fried anchovies and small prawns. If they like it, I can avoid frying and it will definitely more healthy for all of us. Update: They finished the dish!

Today fish is called Golden Banded Scad fish, the type of fish for “commoner” and usually found in nasi lemak. I miss this fish and I am now gradually let my kids try other types of fish that were sold outside. Usually, we would buy fish without bones like Kurau, salmon, white prom-fret and etc. These were needed because they are young and the fish was full of bones. Recently, I discovered that they still did not know how to eat fish that have bones. I think it is time to introduce more variety of fishes.

The last dish to note is the Chinese water spinach (kangkong) soup. Have you ever use kangkong to cook soup. It is a type of quick soup and you usually boiled it with ikan billis. Once the soup is ready, just throw in the Kangkong, add condiments and the soup is ready. Well no complain from my kids!! Cheers.

Happy reading.


  1. will try the kangkong soup, simple and easy to prepare:) Thanks for sharing

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