Things I Found Useful Series - Knitted Dish Cloth
Things I Found Useful Series – Knitted Dish Cloth

THINGS I FOUND USEFUL SERIES …..Knitted or crocheted dish cloth

Everytime i walked into the kitchen, i felt the urge to share with you this dish cloth that i found useful in the kitchen. You may have known this for a long time, but it is new to me and I knew it is not popular among my friends.

Last year my mother in law brought me one piece of dishcloth knitted by her sister in Malaysia and told me and my wife that this is very useful. I have no objection of using it in the kitchen and after a few months of trying it, I started to like this brownish round shaped knitted dish cloth. Frankly, I did not use it in entirety but as a supplement for the normal sponges and scrubs that I have in the kitchen.

From my humble perspectives, I will give credits to its durability, abilities to scrub off rather tough stains without giving your kitchen utensils some unwanted marks. There is no fixed shape and therefore I can use to wash areas in utensils that are difficult to “go in”. I am especially fond to use this to wash oil stains in glasswares such as cover for the wok etc. It can be washed like a normal piece of clothing and dry rather fast.

I have to thanks my mother in law for introducing me this “traditional” piece of kitchen tool. Not forgetting conveying thanks to my kids’ grand auntie who likes to explore these home living areas and thumbs up for her choice of brown color for knitting the dishcloth….

A quick check with e-bay noted that prices of dish cloth costs about US$1-US$5 depending on design, type of yarn and size of the dishcloth.

Apparently, dishcloth is rather common in the western countries and due to its simplicity, it is likely to be a hot item to be knitted in social knitting groups gatherings. Social Knitting Groups are groups where knitters met together, each carries their own yarns and needles in their bags, meet, chat and socialized in afternoon teas gatherings etc. Is it a familiar scene where you Ah Mah always carries these equipments?

For those who loves to go “green”, you will be pleased to note that why Knitted Dish Cloth is preferred than the traditional sponges via this article titled: 4 reasons to switch to reusable dish cloth (

  1. Thanks for sharing, may I know is there particular type of yarn to knit this dish cloth? Like it has to be cotton only or any left over yarn?

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