What  I Cooked Today Series - General
What I Cooked Today Series – General


Before I proceed, I have to stress that what I am writing is nothing great as what a food columnist or food critics would have written. I am just documenting what a normal housewife have cook at home. It can be just a simple and plain post. Believed me, it is not going to be technical but just a summary of what a typical Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese family would have cooked and the rationale behind writing this series are:

Firstly, is In honor of housewife/househusband role in a family – what I cooked is just what my mother, my mother in law or my sister in law would have cooked at home routinely.

Personally, I think that a housewife (or househusband, if any such terms oh yes, my grammar checker did not alert me on any mistakes) who cooked at home, though no direct income generation plays a vital role in a family. He or she will have to ensure that the foods are delicious, prices are reasonable and working within household budget, foods consumed by their kids are nutritional enough to build a strong and healthy body and etc. However, the role of housewife have always be ignored or belittled and not many people (including family members) would take their contributions into consideration. Of course you can employ a maid, eat out but I opt to believe that home cooked food, however, simple is something that will always be appreciated and remembered by the family members.

I am different from other housewives in my mother’s generation is that now I have an avenue to share what I cooked “worldwide” due to availability of information technology infrastructure and cost of such technology is minimal. I can use computer to blog, use the on –line dictionary to check what I have written, taken photos using my telephone at any point of time of my choice, I can check what others are writing, I have many resources to check on-line whether the information I have written is correct or not (no hearsay mentality)…That is, practically impossible during my mother’s time (我只是在替她们出一口气, 把不起眼的小事与大家分享…..LOL)

Therefore, it is hoped that when reading my posts, you will start to appreciate the persons who prepare home cooked food for you.

Secondly, my blog will serve as a collection of what I cooked and I can always refer to it when I run out of idea and provide an analysis of whether or not such meals constitute a balance diet for my kids. I truly appreciate readers to tell me whether what I cooked is healthy for my family members and are we too picky or lope sided in our dishes selection… I accept constructive criticisms and if you like it, just let me know also. Blog readers can also use this as a reference to see what others family have in their meals when preparing their own meals…(Frankly, it may be difficult to intrude other family’s “privacy” as these foods are usually considered as “non-disclosure items” because it is simple, plain, monotonous, routinely prepared and nothing worth to talk about it).

Lastly, rest be assured what I will cooked will not be influenced by this blog, otherwise, my two little monsters will yelled at me. Hope that you like my blog. Happy Reading!!!

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