Homesick Buns? Yes, I am homesick of Sarawak Style Butter Buns..

UPDATED POST ON 11-10-2014

Craving for the buns that I can get hold in Singapore, and I have decided to prepare these buns to surprise my wife. We usually bought back from Sarawak if we visited our home town. There

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Let’s See How An Asian Make The Tomato Pasta Sauce From Scratch ….

Updated on 29-5-2016

I have decided to upload a video with simplified recipe in red towards the end. This recipe is still valid for that recipe is easier. Please scroll towards the end for the video.


This is the

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Blanching Vegetables in Chinese Cooking - 利用汆烫准备可口的中式的”菜”肴 8
Blanching Vegetables in Chinese Cooking – 利用汆烫准备可口的中式的”菜”肴


Traditional Chinese cooking don’t usually use the blanching method for cooking its vegetables. Usually, they stir fried with oil in a hot wok or frying pan. 

My mum will usually take out a frying pan, put in some oil,

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