Japanese Potato Salad (ポテトサラダ 日式土豆色拉)

Updated post on 12-9-2016

Updated a recipe to convert into a vegetarian recipe. For vegetarian recipe, please omit the ingredients in red. This vegetarian recipe is only suitable for those who takes eggs (蛋素). Those who did not take eggs,

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Salad Prawn Balls (色拉虾球)


Many other families enjoy eating big sea prawns, the bigger the better and that  also explains why the pricing of big prawn is very expensive. However, big prawns are “enemies” in my house as nobody really like to eat

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Coleslaw KFC Copycat (凉拌卷心菜) 26
Coleslaw KFC Copycat (凉拌卷心菜)


I hoped my coleslaw does appeal to you.. If it is not appealing, I knew my mistake because I have shredded too fine and by the time of taking picture, it shrunk and hence looked like very tiny pieces.

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Iconic Indonesian One Dish Salad, Gado Gado

Updated post on 9-9-2016

Updated a vegetarian recipe. For vegetarian recipe, please omit the red colour ingredients.


I used to travel a lot when I am in the corporate world. Most of the time, I need to travel

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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 31-7-2013 12
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 31-7-2013

On 31 July 2013, white rice served with

1 Indonesian Ginger Chicken 印尼姜鸡
2 Japanese Fried Ginger Chicken 日本炸姜鸡
3 Blanched White Stem Pak Choy with Japanese Salad Dressing 日式沙拉酱奶白
4 Bok Choy Meat and Fish Ball Soup 贸白菜肉丸鱼丸汤


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