Taiwanese Traditional Mung Meat Minced Meat Moon Cake (台湾古早味月饼:绿豆椪)


Many people believed that moon cakes are sweet, even overly sweet based on traditional moon cake perceptions. However, this is not true, not all moon cakes are sweet and one of the classic example of savoury moon cake is

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Special Compilation of 10 common Mooncake Recipes (10 种月饼食谱特别汇编)


This is a special compilation of mooncake recipes to facilitate readers to locate recipes in the blog and I wish to take this opportunity to wish readers an advance HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL, 2014.

For individual recipes just click on

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Old School Of Mooncake With A New Look–Orange Snow Cake (橘皮云片糕)


I have tried another recipe to provide the more traditional method of making the cake. It is much more difficult to prepare but it is more floury. 

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I have a hard time

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