Chinese Style Meatballs (肉丸 或贡丸)


If you liked this type of package meatballs, you can give this recipe a try.

While it may not produce exactly the same springiness as in the store bought meatballs, but it is rather springy and taste delicious.


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Sweet And Sour Meat Balls (糖醋炸丸子)


Making porky meatballs are easy, but to make meatballs that are bouncy or springy will need some techniques and pointers. In fact, these pointers applied to all types of meatballs be it chicken, fish, pork or beef balls.


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Glutinous Rice Coated Meatballs aka Pearl Meatballs (珍珠丸子)


There is nothing to shout about this simple recipe. This is a traditional Hubei cuisine that is quite common in China Chinese restaurants. Due to its round and beautiful exterior, it was prepared during big reception dinner signifying reunion

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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 25-7-2013 10
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 25-7-2013

On 25-7-2013, white rice served with:

Miso Pork Belly 味增五花
Tofu, Meatballs and Glass Noodles Soup 豆腐鱼丸冬粉汤
Ginger and Chinese Fermented Bean Braised Fish 姜丝豆酱焖鱼
Blanched Choy Shym with Prawns 虾球菜心

Oh! It is time for me to

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