Cranberry Wholemeal Dinner Rolls (蔓梅汤匙餐包)

UPDATED POST ON 19-11-2016

I love this simple bread. Whole meal bread is a hit in my families. May be it resemble scake texture yet it is much healthier.. I have decided to prepare a batch since I have not

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This Is Different From Kek Lapis, This is Kueh Lapis–Nonya Kueh Lapis 35
This Is Different From Kek Lapis, This is Kueh Lapis–Nonya Kueh Lapis




Lapis is in Malay and is literally translated as “layers’. This is a Nonya steamed cake and is different from the Kek lapis. Kek lapis is baked but kueh lapis is steamed and the ingredients are very different. Where

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Time To Bake Your Christmas Cookies–Cranberry Orange Christmas Star Cookies 37
Time To Bake Your Christmas Cookies–Cranberry Orange Christmas Star Cookies


After Thanksgiving, most bloggers in Western Countries are blogging about cookies. Yes, cookies for Christmas. I have seen this recipe in early November from a blogger friend of mine, Jamie Shermanwho is a successful blogger in  Love Bakes

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Christmas Puddings Alternative–Christmas Trifles 40
Christmas Puddings Alternative–Christmas Trifles


This post had been holding up for more than 2 weeks. I had prepared this to entertain my house guest. It is a simple and quick dessert that you can prepare to impress your guest. It can be a

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Orange or Passion Fruit Quick Bread (鲜橙快速面包)


I have never prepared any quick breads before even though I have heard of it often enough in baking articles. I presumed with the explanation from Wikipedia, I will not need to explain in detail what is a quick

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My First Attempt On Frosting My Cupcake–Red Velvet Cupcake With White Chocolate Frosting

My relatives, once have a red velvet birthday cake is asking me if i know how to make red velvet cupcakes. I told her it shouldn’t be a problem since it is a chocolate flavoured cupcake but with the reddish

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Chinese Steamed Buns With Red Bean Paste aka Tausa buns (豆沙包)

Updated post on 24.11.2016

Upload of new pictures. The batch today is prepared using hand kneading which I am not sharing. Hence the crust will not be as smooth as machine knead. However, it is easier for me, less thing

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Melting Moments aka Basic Butter Cookies 传统奶油饼干

UPDATED POST ON 26-11-2014

Uploaded a new recipe -recipe 2 with only 4 ingredients of which potatoes starch can be substituted with plain flour. Easy to pipe too.

Using Recipe 2

UPDATED POST ON 29-12-2013

I have not promote this

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Another Profiteroles Bake - Christmas Croquembouche (圣诞泡芙塔) 36
Another Profiteroles Bake – Christmas Croquembouche (圣诞泡芙塔)

UPDATED POST ON 21-11-2014

Last year’s croquembouche was done late at night and it was quite a disaster and this year, I have decided to prepare another croquembouche for this purpose.. This croquembouche is rather tall. 2 feet high with

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Chocolate Truffles As A Christmas Gift…. Chocolate Truffles (松露巧克力)

Updated post on 1/12/2016

Prepared some truffles and decide to upload new pictures. Today I have used almond marzipan icing wrap with a macadamia nut. On the outer surface, mostly pecan nuts and macadamia nuts.

If you are interested in

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