What is this series–10? 11
What is this series–10?

Today’s item is you can find any where. It looks like a psychedelic pattern. It is not.

Series 9’s answer can be found here

Answer: Posted on 13-5-2013

These are branches of trees that I have taken from the view

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What is this series–9? 3
What is this series–9?

This item is quite commonly found in our daily lives. Color is original and no photographic effects

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Answer: Posted on 12-5-2013

It is pattern from the leaves. Is it not beautiful?

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What is this series–8? 7
What is this series–8?

Today’s item is common found in the kitchen, if you are observant on my post, you will spot it in one of the picture.

Yesterday’s answer can be found here.

Answer: posted on 11-May-2013

It is the lotus root

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What is this series–6? 4
What is this series–6?

Today’s pattern is something found in every house. However, not household have the same patterns. Try to guess and answers provided tomorrow.

Yesterday’s series 5 answer can be found in  http://tmblr.co/ZSHsdskMao-B

Answer: posted on 8-5-2013

It is pattern of our

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What is this series–5? 2
What is this series–5?

Today item is rather common in our daily lives. Of course, the original color cannot be disclosed and the answer will be released tomorrow. Hopes this will  provide you give you some lighter moments and if  you like pattern puzzle,

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What is this series–4? 2
What is this series–4?

Today is nothing found in my house but near my house in Singapore. It is not that though and if you know the answer, do you have any idea why it was presented as such? Answer released tomorrow.  Hopes you

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What Is This?
What Is This?

What is it series. Try to guess and answer will be out tomorrow. (at Blk 664 Jalan Damai)

I have always discovered patterns that are beautiful around my house or places i have been. I thought it would be fun

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