Is This Moon Cake Originates From Shanghai? Shanghai Moon Cake (上海月饼)


My kids loved Shanghai moon cakes not because of the egg yolk or filling, but the short crust pastry. At times, while I am not paying attention , they will “dig” out and throw away the filling and egg

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Old School Of Cookies That Bring Fond Memories– Daisy Biscuits, Biskuit Semperit, Biskuit Dahlia, 挤花饼干

Updated post on 6-1-2017

Upload a new recipes for vegetarian that is egg free and butter free. The cookies are much crispier than the non-vegan version. Please refer to the recipe in red.


Hari Raya Aidilfitri is approaching and

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Do You Like To Have A Lion’s Head? Braised Lion’s Head Meatball (红烧狮子头)

UPDATED POST ON 10-11-2014

Though lionhead’s meatball have a standard size of about 5 cm diameter of 100 grams each, however, I think my last illustration may not be attractive to local readers as they may found the meatball is

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Have You Ever Try Biscotti? – Pistachio and Almond Biscotti (开心果及杏仁饼干)

Updated post on 9/1/2017

I have decided to update a recipe of Chinese New Cookies style of biscotti. It is much crispier and thinner.

Though mine still cannot enter competition, what is needed is a sharp knife, a very sharp

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Scallop On Yam Basket (扇贝芋窝)

This is a dish with no history and created by my humble self. I was thinking to prepare this  dish when I have guests in house.

There is nothing to write about except the recipe since this is my own

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Prawn Croquettes (咸香虾枣可乐饼)

Updated post on 19-1-2017

Upload of new pictures. 

A dish of my crazing cooking adventure. Nothing much to share except the recipe. I believed it is presentable to be prepared for entertaining house guests or as a party snack.


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Fish Maw Napa Cabbage Soup


This will be a simple post targeted at new house chef. It is a post that was queued in my pipeline for at least 2 months since Chinese New Year. Napa cabbage soup can be a presentable soup to

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It Is Better To Be Late Than Never–Radish/Turnip/Carrot/Daikon Cake (腊味萝卜糕) 46
It Is Better To Be Late Than Never–Radish/Turnip/Carrot/Daikon Cake (腊味萝卜糕)


Today, I have prepared some radish cake but the simpler hawker version. As we all know, hawker version radish cake will not have anything fanciful… Just very simple radish, flour and seasoning.. I believed that is

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Another Kueh Bahulu?–Cupcake Kueh Bahulu (2) - 烘鸡蛋糕 33
Another Kueh Bahulu?–Cupcake Kueh Bahulu (2) – 烘鸡蛋糕



When I issued my post 2 days ago on the traditional Kueh Bahulu and macaroon look alike Kueh Bahulu (If You Don’t Have The Mould Try This Macaroon Looked Alike–Kush Baulk (蛋花糕)), a number of readers

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If You Don’t Have The Mould Try This Macaroon Looked Alike–Kueh Bahulu (蛋花糕)


Just before Chinese New Year, my cleaner helper asked me if I want a Kueh Bahulu mould. She said another household wanted to throw away the mould and since she knew I like baking, she offered to bring it

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