Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)


This is not a new recipe, but a recipe that have substantially modified to take into reader needs by reducing the quantity of the ingredients and making it easier to prepare the muffins. The old recipe is more fragrant and sinful due to different proportion of ingredients used. However, it is tougher to prepare due to its watery batter than some readers do not get use to the batter texture. It is still a very good recipe and for those who wanted to try, you can refer to this post: Banana Cream Cheese Cupcakes–One Number Baking Ratio Adventures No. 10

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

The kids love these muffins. The reason is simple because there is a scoop of sweeten cream cheese inside the muffins. In fact banana is a good moisture retainer and cream cheese provide a smoothen effect for the muffins.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

Some readers are asking me why my muffins rose beautifully. I  believed that muffins should look like volcanoes. It shouldn’t be flat top like a cupcake because of its different way of preparation.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

Muffins are theoretically uses less fats, simple mixing, more compact and leavened (raised) by eggs, baking powder or baking soda. Egg in itself is a raising agent and besides eggs, baking powder and baking soda is of critical importance to assist in making the muffins fluffy. The quantity and types of these raising agent will generally depends on how heavy is the batter… For lighter muffins, I have resorted to the use of self raising flour alone whereas for those batters such as sweet potatoes, banana I will advise to use baking soda too.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

If you do not have self raising flour , in general, you can add 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder and 0.5 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup (about 150 grams ) of plain or all purpose flour (source:

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)


Servings: Prepared about 6-8 muffins depends on the size of muffins

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

  • 150 grams of melted butter 
  • 200 grams of plain or all purpose flour
  • 150 grams of castor sugar or brown sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 150 grams of ripe bananas 
  • 20 grams of milk 
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon spice mix (or the spice mix for cakes)
  • additional banana for decoration toppings

 Cream Cheese Fillings

  • 150 grams of cream cheese, soften
  • 80 grams of icing sugar or powdered sugar

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)



  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree Celsius and get ready 6-8 muffin cups.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

  • Put the soften cream cheese in a bowl, add icing sugar, either manually or use a machine to beat it until light and fluffy. Set aside for later use. Put the banana in another bowl, use a fork to mash it until puree form. 

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

  • Add the eggs, milk follow by the melted butter to the mashed banana. Lightly beat until an emulsion is form. Set aside for later use.

  • In another big mixing bowl, sift baking powder, baking soda, brown or castor sugar, plain flour and cinnamon powder or mixed spice. Make a well in the centre, pour the banana egg mixture to the centre of the flour. Use a FORK or SPOON  to stir until well mixed. A bit lumpy is acceptable for muffins. Over stirring or mixing will result in chewy muffins as gluten have developed.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

  • Fill half the muffin cups with the batter. Scope a tablespoon of beaten cream cheese and place on the centre of the muffin batter. Top up the cups to about 80% full with the remaining batter. Have some slices of banana on top of the muffin. Bake at the pre-heated oven of 180 degree Celsius for 25-30 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

  • Make sure all the batters have cover the cheese and so that there is no chance for the hot cheese to leak out. Otherwise, it will resulted in an elephant muffin like this.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)


Those readers have tried my old recipe love the muffin very much. Do give it a try if you haven’t.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.

Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

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Banana Cream Cheese Muffins (香蕉奶酪小松饼)

  1. Beautiful and healthy muffins made a great breakfast. I loved the cake-like texture which is soft and fluffy. Have a great day.

  2. I have been following your recipes for quite sometime. I love most of your recipes because they all look delicious to me.Thank you for sharing your recipes. And, i like your description and the procedures especially those nice pictures. Just love it!
    Have a nice day.

  3. Ken, these muffins look delicious (even the elephant one!); the combination of cream cheese and banana sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing these with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinned and tweeted! 🙂

  4. Hi Kenneth,

    I tried baking theses banana cream cheese muffins but realised the milk and brown sugar missing in yr steps. I added in after eggs, hope this is correct steps.


  5. Just pinned these delicious muffins and will be sharing on FB later today!!

    Hugs from Freedom Fridays

  6. Hi Ken,
    I can replace plain flour to cake flour?


  7. Hi Kenneth, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe! May I know if there is a need to refrigerate it if I made it tonight but it’s for next evening consumption? I am also left with extra cream cheese, any ideas on how I can eat it ? :p

  8. Hello!
    These look fantastic!
    If I am using self rising flour, means i do not need baking powder right?
    Then, is baking soda and cinnamon mix a must?
    Extremely new to baking.. pardon me for asking random and weird qns. 😡

    • yes, with self raising flour, you can omit baking powder. Cinnamon is flavouring and if you don’t like, you can omit too. Baking soda will make the cake slightly fluffier and without it, your muffin shall work except may be shorter or less fluffy

  9. Dear Mr. Kenneth,

    Could you pls kindly advise me why i try your muffin recipes (carrot and banana cream cheese), it always flat, never domed on top although i follow bery carefully step by step, both temp and fill only 3/4 cup of muffins. I use paper cup of muffins. Seem i so disappointed with my muffins that never get domed on top, flat flat and falt ;(.

    Pls kindly help. Thanks and appreciated!

    Ps: i cant attache picture of my muffins here for your advice. Sorry and i feel ap shy about my result

    • Have you check the expiry of the self raising flour or baking powder or baking soda? my first guest is this is the culprit. My second guess is you have over mix the batter if your final muffins is chewy.. Otherwise, is it possible oven temperature problem. Most readers have doomed muffins

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