Bacon Cheese Croquettes (培根芝士炸丸子)


It is a messy attempt at the kitchen but I never regret preparing these because kids and my wife loved them.

You are trying to shape some mashed potatoes into a ball but the mashed potatoes are very sticky

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Vegetarian Pizza Is Just As Tasty ! Simple And Basic Vegetarian Pizza Preparation 31
Vegetarian Pizza Is Just As Tasty ! Simple And Basic Vegetarian Pizza Preparation


I loved pizza. Pizza is one of the most common food that I ordered when I have meals in Western Restaurants. I love pizza for its dough and cheese. It is a comfort food that I can easily eat

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips Muffins

Updated post on 27-9-2016

Upload of new pictures 


As I have some peanut butter sitting in my fridge for ages, I have decided to prepare some Peanut Butter muffins . There are no changes

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What? Baked Your Rice? Yes, Try Carbonara Cheesy Bacon Baked Rice (培根白酱烤饭)


The main staple food for Asians are rice. We have rice porridge, fried rice, plain white rice, steamed rice, braised rice ….. But we seldom have baked rice.

Bake is usually associated with oven which is rather uncommon to

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What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 30-7-2013 12
What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 30-7-2013

You may be surprised that today I am having some western meals. In fact, I have never cooked western meals before. This should be one of the very first full course meals that I have prepared. Well, today is my

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Let’s See How An Asian Make The Tomato Pasta Sauce From Scratch ….

Updated on 29-5-2016

I have decided to upload a video with simplified recipe in red towards the end. This recipe is still valid for that recipe is easier. Please scroll towards the end for the video.


This is the

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