Japanese Style Tall and Fluffy Pancake (日式厚班戟 厚いパンケーキ)


I do not know when I get to know this thick pancake but I remember it is quite trendy nowadays in Japan. Google the Japanese name “厚いパンケーキ” will produce lots of beautiful attractive pancakes.  Looking at the thick and

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Japanese Omelette aka Tamagoyaki (玉子烧, 卵焼き, 玉子焼き)
Japanese Potato Salad (ポテトサラダ 日式土豆色拉)

Updated post on 12-9-2016

Updated a recipe to convert into a vegetarian recipe. For vegetarian recipe, please omit the ingredients in red. This vegetarian recipe is only suitable for those who takes eggs (蛋素). Those who did not take eggs,

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Japanese Croissant Shaped Salty Buttery Bread aka Shio Pan (ザルツシュタンゲン(塩パン), 日式盐奶油卷面包 或 盐可颂)


My ex-colleagues insisted my wife bought Shio Pan from a local bakery and let me try. She gave me the shio pan and to be frank, I am not impressed with it as it is salty and rather tough.

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